Camera Genius App Reviews

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Très bon.


All the necessary tools to take a good picture

Pas mal

Bonne application


Very Good, perfect and just one dolar.


It doesnt work with Koredoko or Photo Map apps. As fotos tiradas com essa app não funcionam com Koredoko or Photo Map.


Love this app!!


Excellent camera, filling the gaps in the standard iphone camera, if we could choose the color of the captions it would be better though


The beat, muito bom meamo!!

Good Camera.

Good camera. Better than all others I tried.

Top App


Macht Bomben Fotos


All around Great App!!!!! Highly recommend

Perfect app

Very usefull!


It is good quality with the ipod touch 4g but is pretty slow and has sometimes blurry photos

NO Gravity direction indiction.

Please show gravity direction on the screen! Please show gravity direction on the screen! Please show gravity direction on the screen!


Everything you want for a camera app and they keep adding new features to it!


It wont work if you dont activate location services. I choose not to use location services on any application for safety reasons. So I cant use it.

Wont Work Anymore

This was a good app but after the update yesterday, I cant take any pictures. Location services etc. are activated and the app starts but thats the extent. Please fix :(

No full resolution after editing

If you do any editing in the app you cant save at full resolution. Instead your photo is saved at sub 1,000 pixels. Totally unforgivable failure for a supposed camera replacement app. Spend the extra dollar (or wait for a sale) and get Camera+.


The anti-shake feature alone is well worth the money...good stable application, I highly recommend it

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